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The Principality of Liechtenstein is one of the smallest, but also the richest countries in the world. History gently blends with contemporary art in the streets of its capital Vaduz, which in my view is one of the cleanest cities in Europe. Despite its small size, there are great things to see.


January 12, 2020

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Willflies, Willflies. This pedestrian zone spreading from the town hall to the Parliament offers shops, restaurants, cafés, and is packed with museums of all kind, where you can engage with history and art. Vaduz Photo Guide.Overlooking the city for centuries, Castle is one of the most distinguished landmarks in the country. Nowadays, it’s home to the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and is not open to the public. Following the road going uphill from the Castle, you come to Triesenberg. Vaduz Images. A municipality which rewards visitors with breathtaking views of a valley and traditional architecture. Alte Rheinbrucke. Vaduz Photo Guide. Overlooking the city for centuries. Vaduz Photo Guide, Vaduz Photo Guide

Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts seen from Aeulestrasse
Vaduz town hall
Parliament of Liechtenstein and Städtle seen from Peter-Kaiser-Platz

Engage With Art

Städtle Street

This pedestrian zone spreading from town hall to the Parliament and National Archives offers shops, restaurants, cafés, and is packed with museums of all kind. If you fancy history, fine art or even post stamps, Städtle lets you explore all of that.

Government building with St. Florin Cathedral
Liechtenstein Information Center
Städtle Street is lined with modern statues on both sides
A stamp in front of the Post Museum
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger was a composer born in Vaduz
St. Florin Cathedral

Set Among Trees

Schloss Vaduz

Overlooking the city for centuries, Vaduz Castle is for sure the most iconic landmark in the country. It’s home to the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and therefore is not open to the public. Getting there from Städtle street takes around 20 minutes of walking uphill.

Vaduz Castle seen from the Liechtenstein-Switzerland border
Approaching the Vaduz Castle
Roads in Liechtenstein are all in good shape but quite narrow
Traditional Alpine architecture
Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein
The centre of Triesenberg

Seeking a View


Following the road going up from Vaduz Castle, you come to Triesenberg. Municipality that rewards visitors with traditional architecture and breathtaking views of the Alpine Rhine valley. There’s no better spot to enjoy your afternoon cup of coffee.

The view of the Rhine River from Triesenberg

Jump To Switzerland

Alte Rheinbrücke

The bridge connecting Liechtenstein and Switzerland is the last remaining wooden bridge over the river Rhine in the Alps. It’s used mostly by pedestrians and cyclists but sometimes you might meet a horse too. Don’t forget to take a photo at the border.

Alte Rheinbrücke bridge seen from Switzerland
The Rhine River makes the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland
Liechtenstein-Switzerland border in the middle of the Rhine River
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