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Breathtaking Views From

Mount Pilatus

The majestic mountain towering over the Lucerne region has a peak reaching 2,132 meters above sea level. Its top offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes as well as nice hiking paths. It’s a perfect day trip from Lucerne for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Basic Information

Mount Pilatus is located between the cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It’s 2,132 metres high and belongs to the Emmental Alps. You can get to the cableway station by bus no. 1 from Lucerne to stop Kriens, Zentrum Pilatus. Then it’s around 5 minutes walking to the station. Another option is going by train or boat to Alpnachstad.


Cableway from Kriens to Fräkmüntegg
Looking at Mt. Pilatus from the cableway to Fräkmüntegg
Approaching the top of Mt. Pilatus
Cableway station on the top of Mt. Pilatus

Stand In The Sky

Pilatus Kulm

With only one change of cableways, you glide to Pilatus in no time. Pleasing panoramic views of dozens of kilometres far will take your breath away as entire Switzerland lies within your reach. The top also offers refreshments after your hiking adventure.

Location pins:
Location pins:
Looking north from the top
Lake Lucerne and the City of Lucerne, looking from Esel
Looking south from the top

Live webcam from the top of Esel

Live Webcam

cam source:
cam source:
Mt. Pilatus – 7000 feet above sea level
Alpnach airport
Animals climbing the steep sides of the mountain

Through Rocks

Pilatus Cogwheel Railway

Reaching a gradient of up to 48 percent, Pilatus Railway is the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. It slowly makes its way to Alpnachstad, passing through tunnels and Alpine greenery. There are multiple photo opportunities opening during the journey.

Descending by the cogwheel funicular
Pilatus cogwheel funicular
Passing Alpine greenery
Alpnachstad train and funicular station

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First published: January 12, 2020

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