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Along The Eastern Shore Of

Lake Geneva

With its clear waters and pretty surroundings, the stunning lake situated on the border between Switzerland and France offers a serene and breathtaking experience. Immerse yourself in the journey from the charming lakeside towns of Vevey and Montreux to the majestic Chillon Castle.

Basic Information

Lake Geneva (from French also known as Lac Léman) is among the largest lakes in Western Europe. It’s situated right on the Swiss-French border that runs in the middle of the lake. Several notable festivals take place in the area ranging from music to sports and wine. A nearby medieval castle even inspired Lord Byron to write his famous poem The Prisoner of Chillon.


There are multiple sculptures along the shore in Vevey

Artwork In Waves


The city of food, milk chocolate, and Charlie Chaplin offers pleasing mountain views on its lakeside lined with statues. Walking on the shore promenade, you meet a bronze statue of Charlie Chaplin and even a large fork in the water.

The Fork of Vevey in the waters of Lake Geneva
Charlie Chaplin statue
The Fork of Vevey and Charlie Chaplin are the most famous sculptures in Vevey
Quai Perdonnet lakeside promenade in Vevey
Regular boat trips are offered on Lake Geneva
Alimentarium is a museum of food in Vevey

Swiss Medieval Gem

Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is located close to Montreux and attracts more than 300 000 visitors every year. The site inspired Lord Byron to write his poem The Prisoner of Chillon. Come to explore its dungeons and endless staircases to feel true history upon you.

Chillon Castle
Chillon Castle, looking from Château de Chillon pier
The eastern part of Lake Geneva is surrounded by high mountains
In front of the Chillon Castle
Location pins:
Location pins:
Beautiful architecture in the streets of Montreux

Swing in Jazz Rhythms


Not only the city offers great lakeside promenades but is famous for its annual music festivals, particularly Jazz Festival. It’s not a coincidence that Freddie Mercury settled down in Montreux to record his songs in this musical environment.

Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux
Promenade sur les quais de Montreux and the luxourious Fairmont Le Montreux Palace hotel
Montreux in preparation for the Jazz Festival
Chillon Castle is located close to Montreux

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First published: February 9, 2020

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