Introducing My Blog: What To Expect From Now

Jan 4, 2021 | Information

Hello fellow travellers, today, I am launching a new part of the website. My Blog will feature posts which aren’t primarily about photos like those in the Travel Galleries, but that contain fewer pictures and more words, depending on what I would like to tell you.

I am thinking about making an article about how I created Willflies that you could follow to build your own travel or any other website from scratch. Another thing that appeared in my mind was ‘Photo Stories’ that might tell you interesting and sometimes funny tales behind a few shots and help you find the best spot to take the picture. Last but not least, a few guides on different things.

It will all depend on my time and ideas to write about. And don’t worry, the main point of Willflies doesn’t change 🙂

I hope this first little post gave you an insight into what will be the next branch of content on the site and I am looking forward to meeting you here again soon.

Safe Travels

By William

Hey there! I am a 20-year-old student from the Czech Republic, who loves to travel and take photos. I run this website as a hobby, to share my trips with others, give you some tips on where to go, and overall encourage you to travel more.

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