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Heritage Of The Roman Empire In


Sand-coloured Georgian buildings in Bath make you feel like in a fairytale. The city has been a place for relaxation since its foundation by the Romans, so take your time to explore the UNESCO historical centre or dip into the only British thermal springs you can bathe in. Come along, your adventure awaits.

Basic Information

Bath is located in the county of Somerset in South West England. The city has a population of around a hundred thousand people, and in 1987 it became part of the UNESCO list thanks to its historical heritage. It was founded by the Romans in the 1st century AD after discovering natural hot springs and has been flourishing as a spa city since then.

Photo Guide

The main part of the Roman Baths

World Heritage Spa

Roman Baths

Walking the old baths with an audio guide gives all the interesting information about the site and an adjacent museum takes visitors back to the Roman era. Steaming water still fills the site, you may take a sip of the thermal streams in the Pump Room.

Entrance to the Roman Baths
Julius Caesar statue in the Roman Baths
Roman Baths with the Bath Abbey at the back
Warm Room inside the Roman Baths
Bath Abbey

Touch Of Italy

Pulteney Bridge

The Pulteney Bridge was inspired by Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy and is lined with shops on both sides. Walking on the bridge, you don’t even realise you’re crossing a river. Together with a water weir underneath, it’s the most photographed site in Bath.

Pulteney Bridge
Bath Abbey, looking from Grand Parade street
Beautiful Georgian architecture in the streets of Bath
Bath Street
Royal Crescent street

Majestic Street

Royal Crescent

This curved row of Georgian townhouses and green lawns stands out in British architecture. Many notable people in history were proud to call this address their home. Today, there is a museum, a luxurious hotel, and private housing.

Royal Crescent
The Circus
View from a doubledecker bus in Bath

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